The Power of Lunch

There is more to lunch than you may realize. Lunch is the perfect time in the middle of the day to take a break from work, feed yourself, and potentially obtain new business!

Making time for yourself is important. The excuse of “I’m so busy with work” runs rampant in this business. And even if you are burning the midnight oil more than you’d like, you still need to eat. Setting up lunch with a friend is an easy way to get out of the office, take a moment for yourself, and catch up with someone you care about in your life.

Meeting with a friend or a colleague will inevitably lead to the question, “how is work?” But have you ever thought about how you answer this question? It’s a great question to answer with business development/marketing in mind. Have you been working on an interesting case? Did you learn something new you would love to share with other lawyers? Is there a trend you have started to see with your cases lately? Was there a conference you just returned from that discussed something you’ve been working on recently?

These are things to think about when answering the question, “how is work?” Maybe part of your answer leads to a speaking engagement, or learning of a conference you will want to attend, setting up a meeting with a company in need of a lawyer capable of handling their specific needs, or a referral in the future.

Lunch is so much more than just eating food. Lunch is a time to take a break from the cases that keep you up at night. Lunch is a time to see a friend, converse with someone who is not a client or an employee, and maybe even have a few laughs. But lunch could also be an opportunity to help yourself and your business. So, stop eating lunch at your desk (or skipping it altogether) and get out of the office. It can be good for you personally and professionally.

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