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Casting the Characters in Your Case

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When it comes to trial, the jury has more power than anyone else in the courtroom. As attorneys, it is our job to always think about the jury’s perspective and captivate them with our client’s story. Recently on Trial Lawyer Nation, Michael sat with trial attorney and prominent legal industry speaker, Randi McGinn. The two delved into the importance of creating your story for the jury. Randi believes the story you create should, “put the jurors in the zone of danger that your client was in; the story has to be about them, rather than your client.” Michael and Randi also discussed...

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The Largest Annual Meeting Of Legal Marketing & Business Development Professionals

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Our office is proud to have Marketing Director, Delisi Friday serving as Chair of the Legal Marketing Association (LMA) San Antonio city group in 2018. This month she will be attending the 2018 Legal Marketing Association Annual Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana from April 9th through April 11th. If you have a marketing professional in your office, here are some details so you may consider sending them as well! 150+ Speakers 40+ Breakout Sessions 20+ Hours to Network 1,500+ Legal Marketing Professionals in Attendance In 2017, this conference was attended by marketing professionals from 46 out of the 50 United States. While a vast majority...

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ABA: Raising or Lowering The Bar

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The American Bar Association is Currently Offering Its First Employee Buyout. According to Law.com, employees with at least 20 years of service whose age and years of service combined equal at least 75 — will receive 15 months of their base pay if they choose to leave. Eligible employees have until March 2nd to make their decision, although the exact number of eligible employees was not disclosed. The buyout comes at a critical time for the ABA. The association posted a $7.7 million operating deficit in 2017 and cut almost $11 million from its general operations budget for 2018. They have stated...

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The Power of Lunch


There is more to lunch than you may realize. Lunch is the perfect time in the middle of the day to take a break from work, feed yourself, and potentially obtain new business! Making time for yourself is important. The excuse of “I’m so busy with work” runs rampant in this business. And even if you are burning the midnight oil more than you’d like, you still need to eat. Setting up lunch with a friend is an easy way to get out of the office, take a moment for yourself, and catch up with someone you care about in your...

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Blogging + Digital Marketing = Clients


Your digital marketing strategy should be an important part of your marketing plan. These days everyone goes straight to the internet when they need to find something. We’ve discussed the importance of your website and social media in the past, but do you know just how important blogging is as well? POSITION YOUR FIRM AS A LEADER You have years of education and experience under your belt, why not share your opinion with your audience? If there is a hot topic in your field, take a stance and share your opinion on your blog. If you’re passionate about a specific area of...

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Attorneys Cross the Line with Social Media Posts


Attorneys Ned McWilliams of Levin Papantonio Thomas Mitchell Rafferty & Proctor and Emily Jeffcott of The Lambert Firm are in the spotlight for recent actions on social media during the latest Xarelto trial in Philadelphia last December. According to Law.com, McWilliams, who had been second chair at trial, had taken a photograph of an empty courtroom and posted it to Instagram using the hashtag #killinnazis. Jeffcott had taken a photograph of the courtroom with Erdos on the bench, which she also posted to Instagram. Her post did not use the #killinnazis hashtag, but it was subsequently used in promotional materials for...

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Question & Answer with Michael Cowen

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Founding partner, Michael Cowen, talks about his recent race in Orlando Q: You ran in the 2018 Walt Disney World Marathon in Orlando, Florida in January. Tell us about your training. A: Training for the marathon was something I had to work hard to do. As an attorney, a business owner, and a father, sometimes it can be difficult to set aside time to train for a marathon. Thankfully I have a great running coach and a supportive wife who helped encourage me along the way. And knowing I had to be ready by January 2018, I had a deadline which helped...

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TUNE IN and UNCOVER LEGAL INSIGHTS with Trial Lawyer Nation!


Trial Lawyer Nation podcast is officially live!   CMB founding partner, Michael Cowen, and his guests explore critical topics facing the legal industry. We’re pleased to share this month’s lineup …   JOSHUA KARTON Turning Off the “Act” in the Courtroom Joshua is a successful trial consultant known for his deep understanding of the nuances of communication, in and out of the courtroom. In his episode, Joshua and Michael delve into a discussion about trial psychology and communication. They even share insights on how you are setting yourself up to be perceived.   JOE FRIED From 0 to 60 as a Subject Matter Expert Joe is an acclaimed trucking attorney...

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Startup Culture is Appealing to Millennial Law Graduates


Growing up, many of us were told to stay on track, whether it was in school or your career path. For most attorneys, this meant attending a 4-year university, obtaining internships, moving onto law school, and then securing a position at a law firm. Samantha Von Hoene, however, decided not to “stay on track” and picked a different route instead. Samantha Von Hoene was in her second year of law school at UC Hastings when she was offered a summer internship at a medium-sized firm. This was her plan until she decided to politely turn the offer down. Instead of the...

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What Do Rising Law School Applicant Numbers Mean for 2018?


Law schools have an encouraging start to the new year! As of December 1, 2017, the Law School Admission Council reported the number of applications was up by 15% to 93,932, and the number of applicants was up by 12% to 16,784. In recent years, the number of people applying to law schools has been on a downward trend. In the last 10 years, the number of applicants has decreased significantly by at least 33%. Applicants dropped from 84,000 in 2007 to 56,500 in 2016. According to LSAC data, in September of 2017, 37,100 people took the LSAT and in June 2017,...

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