At Cowen Rodriguez Peacock, we’re more than just trial lawyers and paralegals; WE’RE THE COMPLETE PACKAGE!

How We Stay Elite

We are always looking for ways to improve our skills and become the best law firm we can be.


Whether it’s our trial lawyers, paralegals, or assistants, we are always looking for ways to improve our skillsets and become the best firm we can be. We believe the whole is only as good as the sum of its parts, and strive to foster growth within our firm. This will ultimately make Cowen Rodriguez Peacock a more efficient, knowledgeable, and elite law firm for you and your case.

Weekly Lunch & Learns

Every Friday, we host in-person and virtual Lunch & Learns with (drum roll) FREE FOOD! Each presentation is given by either one of our team members or an outside presenter, and each is aimed at building our collective skillsets to be the best legal staff we can be. In addition to these perks, this also gives us a chance to sit and enjoy each other's company while munching on some delicious food.

Weekly Elite Training

Our weekly Elite Training sessions are required by our litigation teams and focused on litigation skills that can directly increase the value of our cases. These trainings are hosted by Michael Cowen, Malorie Peacock, Sonia Rodriguez or a nationally recognized attorney as a guest. Because these trainings are offered to anyone in the office, it is another unique way our staff is able to constantly learn and improve.

Promotion From Within

We are proud to promote from within our office. Our most tenured employee (11 years) started as a receptionist and is now a paralegal to one of our partners. Another of our partner paralegals, also started as a receptionist. In fact we have 12 examples of people on our team who have all been promoted from within! We cover any training necessary for these promotions, and always welcome our employees to move into a new position if they are interested.

Continued Education

We love seeing our staff continuing to hone their crafts and become elite in their respective fields. That is why we pay for continued educational development, including online courses, CLE seminars, certifications, and more! We believe strongly that a rising tide raises all ships, and do our very best to provide all the resources needed to assist our staff in their educational journeys.

Perks of Working for CRP

We fight hard, and we play hard!


We pride ourselves on not only having an elite team in the office but also in having a close-knit work family outside of the office. To show our appreciation for our staff, we have a multitude of perks that we offer to all members of the CRP family.

Annual Retreat

From Las Vegas to Aspen, we reward our hard working staff to an annual all-expenses paid retreat. The destination may change year-to-year, but what doesn't change is our staff having a blast with one another and growing closer as a team, friends, and family. Whether it’s watching a Las Vegas show, or skiing down a mountain in Colorado, everyone is sure to have a blast!

Employee Appreciation Days

While annual retreats are amazing, a year is a long time for one break. This is why we've implemented bi-annual Employee Appreciation Days! During these getaways, the staff is invited to stay at an estate (nearby San Antonio, TX) and join their peers for a night (or two) of drinks, food and fun. These are often lakeside during months where the sun is shining, and a day to kick back and relax are just what the doctor ordered.


Afternoon slump got you down? We've got you covered! Our break room snack cart and fridge are stocked with all the tasty treats to keep you trucking through the day. Need a healthy snack? Grab an instant oatmeal, SkinnyPop popcorn, or a protein bar. Craving something salty? We’ve got Pringles, pistachios, and variety packs of nuts. How about drinks? From Coke Zero, to Diet Dr Pepper, Topo Chico, sugar free Red Bull, Celsius, and the occasional tea, there’s something for everyone.