Put Yourself First in 2019

There’s no doubt the legal industry can often be overwhelming and stressful. Between managing a law firm, marketing your firm, working up your cases, and taking on the stress of your client’s worries, it can really take a toll on our overall well-being and state of mind.

As we end 2018, it’s important to reflect so we can learn and grow in the new year. When you begin to make resolutions and set goals for 2019, be sure to include your mental health as a priority.

Find a way to schedule time for yourself to help bring clarity and a clear mind. Maybe that means going to the gym or spending time each day meditating. Maybe it’s preparing a meal for your family or going to the park.

Whatever it is that allows you to detach from your work, make it a priority to add to your week.Your future self will thank you for doing so.

We’re not the only ones recognizing how important your mental health is. In fact, California and Illinois now require mental health and substance use disorder CLEs for attorneys.Indiana could soon be requiring the same as a proposal is currently up for consideration.

Mental health is vital. Whether your state soon requires you to invest time in yourself or not, we hope you will regardless. In the long run, it will positively affect your mind and even make you a sharper, more focused attorney.

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