Open With Empathy: Walking In Your Client’s Shoes

As attorneys, we are surrounded by the legal industry day in and day out. Clients, on the other hand, are new to this world. In order to understand them, attorneys have to step into their shoes, their lives, and their experiences. Understanding a client’s wants and needs, as well as developing rapport, are vital steps when taking on a case.

In Episode 35 of Trial Lawyer Nation, Michael sits down with R. Rex Parris and discusses cognitive science and the art of juror persuasion. This episode is our #1 most listened to podcast episode for our show with over 2,500 downloads! In their conversation, Parris weighs in on the importance of getting to know who a client truly is and the personal connections that help him accomplish this understanding. He also considers how jurors are able to distinguish between an attorney who took the time to know a client and one who has failed to do so.

The attorneys at Cowen| Rodriguez| Peacock also follow this philosophy of client engagement by visiting clients in their homes to learn more about who they are. Paying a visit to a client deepens an attorney’s understanding of the client’s life before the accident and how that life has been impacted and changed as a result. No longer is this client “just another case,” but another person whose life and loved ones have been transformed by a personal injury incident. Conveying this human experience to a jury is a challenge, but the ensuing appreciation for what a client has endured affects the jurors in a compassionate way.

Also, understanding and personally investing in clients increases their sense of an attorney’s dedication to justice for their case, and these ties keep clients feeling satisfied and enriched through the attorney’s conscientiousness and diligence to their cause. Walking in your client’s shoes is vital for a great attorney to client experience.


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