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Last Issue of “Off the Record”

December 2019

ATA President Announces New Subcommittee Addressing Marijuana

November 2019

Dangers of Amazon Next-Day Delivery

October 2019

FMCSA Crash Fault in Carrier Scores

September 2019

Uber Freight Simplifying the Entire Booking Process

August 2019

Hands On Approach to Better Understanding 18-Wheelers

July 2019

Increased Pedestrian Deaths, NTSB Calls for Safety Measures

June 2019

Trial Lawyer Nation: An Award Winning Podcast

May 2019

Uber Not Criminally Liable in Fatal Autonomous Crash

April 2019

Meet the Latest Technology to Prevent Distracted Driving Events

March 2019

Shopping Habits of Millennials is Helping Boost the Trucking Industry

February 2019


January 2019

New Rules Regulating Paralegals Now in Effect

December 2018

Sleep Deprived Individuals More Likely to Crash

November 2018

Training Your Staff in TBI Behaviors

October 2018

Voice Search in Legal Marketing

September 2018

Hyperloop | One – Virgin’s New Mode of Transport

August 2018

The Ethics of the Referral Fee for Personal Injury Cases in Texas

July 2018

Social Media and Discovery

June 2018

Change is in the Air…

May 2018