Happy Anniversary!

Q: Michael, How would you describe yourself in law school?
A: I didn’t discuss my grades, and I didn’t do study groups, so most people were shocked to see me on the Chancellor’s List our third year of law school. (The Chancellors are the top 16 students in a class of 500). I would have a lot of fun during the first two months of each semester, and then holed up in my apartment and studied nonstop. I only took breaks to sleep, eat, and go running.
Q: What was the class you hated the most in law school?
A: Constitutional law wasn’t for me. I was an idealist, who thought that words had meaning and rights were inalienable. Our Constitutional Law professor taught us that there were lots of ways to interpret the Constitution, and that it could mean anything you wanted it to mean. In other words, we only have the rights that 5 out of 9 judges on the Supreme Court want to give us.
Q: Jody, What was your go to study ritual when you were in law school?
A: Study? What’s that? No really, outlining helped me learn the subject material. I was also a big fan of study groups.

Q: What was the class you hated the most in law school?
A: Property. Definitely property. Except for the food naps I took in that class.

Q: When did you learn you would never do a certain type of law?
A: After I took an environmental law class, I realized it just wasn’t for me.

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