Attorney Occupational Tax

Remember the days when you had to pay $200 for an “attorney occupation tax?” Those days are long gone now that the 84th legislature has repealed the attorney occupation tax.

For many lawyers, doctors, and engineers the annual licensing fee, imposed in 1991, was a form of double taxation. “This is an example of legislative and agency effort to eliminate an unfair burden of our licensees,” stated Susan Stanford, a spokeswoman for the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

The repeal eliminates more than $300 million worth of fees over the next two years, on approximately 650,000 professionals from 16 different professions. Now that June 1st has passed, many of you have likely appreciated the $200 savings this year. And for those of you who have not paid your dues and fees to the State Bar of Texas yet, don’t forget to turn them in before August 31st!

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