Trimble/Pulsar Informatics Driver Fatigue Technology

The trucking industry has battled driver fatigue for years. But now, thanks to a partnership between Trimble Transportation and Pulsar Informatics, a new fatigue-monitoring and risk-management system is available to combat this problem.

Pulsar Informatics is known for their work monitoring sleep patterns and fatigue for astronauts and pilots. Their industry-leading fatigue monitoring solutions were developed with funding from the FMCSA, NASA, the U.S. Department of Defense, as well as other prominent government organizations. Their partnership with Trimble Transportation will now allow them to share their expertise with the transportation industry, creating a safety dashboard designed to identify driver sleep and fatigue risk patterns.

Using data from Pulsar’s Trucking Fatigue Meter and Trimble’s Onboard Event Recording, the system analyzes HOS data, along with sudden stops, sudden starts, lane departures, and roll stability warnings, then compares it to other driver’s performance in their fleet, to assess if a driver could be fatigued. The system is also updated every 15 minutes, allowing it to better analyze the information.

The FMCSA estimates driver fatigue may be an associated factor in 13% of accidents involving a commercial truck, which makes this new technology a game changer.

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