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Trial Lawyer Nation podcast is officially live!


CMB founding partner, Michael Cowen, and his guests explore critical topics facing the legal industry. We’re pleased to share this month’s lineup …



Turning Off the “Act” in the Courtroom

Joshua is a successful trial consultant known for his deep understanding of the nuances of communication, in and out of the courtroom. In his episode, Joshua and Michael delve into a discussion about trial psychology and communication. They even share insights on how you are setting yourself up to be perceived.



From 0 to 60 as a Subject Matter Expert

Joe is an acclaimed trucking attorney and frequent speaker across the nation. In his episode, Joe and Michael discuss Joe’s evolution in the industry, including the work involved in hyperspecialization, and the two provide encouragement for attorneys at any stage in their career. Don’t miss Joe’s generous advice for listeners!



The DOs & DON’Ts of Running a Successful Law Firm

Mikal is one of the nation’s top trial attorneys and is the founding partner of Watts Guerra LLP based out of San Antonio. In his episode, Mikal and Michael discuss keys to success both in the courtroom and when starting your own firm. They also debate the biggest threats to the legal industry. You might be surprised with Mikal’s thoughts!


Join us for each episode as we focus on developing extremely efficient law practices, securing a competitive edge in the industry, and wildly excelling in the courtroom. Access full episodes at www.TrialLawyerNation.com or on your favorite podcast app.

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