In Texas it feels like there is a construction site everywhere you turn. Unfortunately, construction site injuries are just as common. In fact, the construction industry sees a significantly higher amount of work related injuries because of the nature of their business. What are three common construction site injuries? And what do you do if you have been hurt while working on a construction site?

These are some of the injuries our clients frequently have on construction sites:

  • FALLING – This injury can include falling off a scaffolding, a ladder, or having something physically fall on a person. Sometimes a safety harness is not provided or applied correctly, the appropriate ladder is not used or equipment is not correctly stored which results in an injury.
  • ELECTROCUTION – Accidents happen and sometimes an employee may not check a breaker before working on electrical. This type of injury can also combine with a fall when an individual receives an electrical shock so strong it will cause them to fall off of a ladder.
  • FORKLIFT ACCIDENTS – Operating a forklift requires the proper certification and OSHA approved safety course, but just like a motor vehicle, a forklift can also result in a serious injury. Whether a forklift hits a person or object when making a turn in a warehouse, or an individual is injured when a forklift makes an abrupt stop, this type of machinery can be the cause of bodily harm.

What should you do if you have been hurt while working on a construction site?

  • FOLLOW THE PROPER COMPANY PROTOCOLS WHEN A WORK INJURY OCCURS. Company protocol should include filing an injury/accident report with a supervisor. It is important to have documentation of the incident, so there is a record on file of what occurred.
  • TAKE NOTES TO HELP YOU REMEMBER DETAILS ABOUT THE INCIDENT. Names, time of day, how the incident happened and what happened next is all very important. With time you might forget details, so be sure to write them down while it is fresh in your memory.
  • KNOW YOU HAVE OPTIONS. Having a consultation with an attorney is important, because it is imperative for you to know your options after a work injury. In Texas private employers have the option to choose whether or not they provide workers’ compensation, which is why talking to a lawyer is important in deciding what to do next. After an injury your employer may help with an initial doctor’s visit, but sometimes employers stop providing assistance when medical attention is still needed. Hiring an attorney allows you to have someone help you receive the medical treatment you need to recover and feel better.

If you have been injured while working on a construction site, please contact our office for a free consultation to discuss your options. Your health and wellbeing is important and our firm takes pride in helping our injured clients receive the medical assistance and financial support they deserve.

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