While driving to work one morning in September, Randi Johnston, 25, was in a 5 car pileup in Salt Lake City resulting in her airbag to deploy. Unfortunately her Takata airbag deployed and released shrapnel, which became stuck in her throat resulting in her inability to speak.

Johnston and her family have now filed a lawsuit against Takata Corporation and Honda Motors. They join many other individuals who have filed a lawsuit due to the record-breaking Takata recall. “I remember the sound I made gasping for air and grabbing onto a stranger’s shirt for dear life and asking if I was going to die” states Randi in a written statement.

Sadly, Randi and her family now fear she may never have the ability to speak again, because of her serious injuries. With the Takata recall still in the process of being resolved, many may still be at risk, or have already suffered from serious injuries due to this dangerous airbag.

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