Survey Says

For the past four months our office has started hosting Lunch & Learns for our team on Fridays. They were created so our team could learn about the ins and outs of every department at Cowen | Rodriguez | Peacock. Whether it is one of our attorneys presenting, or our intake team talking about what they do, we all get together to have lunch and learn more about how every role in our office helps our team be successful.

We recently conducted a firm-wide survey to see how everyone felt about the lunches (along with other questions about how our employees feel about our office environment), and the result was outstanding. Every single survey from our team had praise about these events. Staff found them beneficial not only in learning more about the process of cases in our firm and how everyone in our office works together, but also getting to know each of their co-workers a bit more.

The team at Cowen | Rodriguez | Peacock truly believes every job in our firm is important and the only way we can achieve excellent case results for our clients and our referral attorneys is when our team is knowledgeable and properly trained. And these internal events have helped not only with training, but with relationship-building in our firm.

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