Off the Record – Final Issue

This month will be the last issue ofOff The Record. After 2 full years of publishing this monthly magazine, we have decided not to continue with it in 2020. In our December 1st episode of Trial Lawyer Nation, Michael Cowen sits down with Delisi Friday our Director of Marketing and Business Development and discusses this decision and how it was determined in more detail.

In 2020 our direct mail marketing will be more focused and purposeful. We will continue with our mailer pieces once a quarter, but they will include information for plaintiff attorneys to use on a catastrophic injury or death case.

And lastly, we want to end by asking you to call us if there ever comes a time when we can assist you. We accept the following types of cases:

  • Trucking and company vehicle crashes
  • UM/UIM claims with policy limits of at least $300,000
  • Non-commercial auto cases with policy limits of at least $300,000
  • Other injury and death cases with a potential value exceeding $1M

We are comfortable handling cases in federal court. We will travel outside of Texas. We also have experience finding potential defendants that other firms miss. We have added millions of dollars to cases by finding these sources of recovery, so if you have a catastrophic injury or death case where the policy limits appear to be insufficient, give us a call. If we can find another defendant we can partner on the case—and if we can’t, then we won’t ask for any of the fees.

Working up a big case takes time, money, research, and manpower. Our firm does this day in and day out and if you have a case where we can assist please contact Delisi Friday at or call (210) 941-1301. She will coordinate a time for Michael Cowen to meet with you in person or talk over the phone about where we believe we can add value and discuss a partnership where everyone wins.

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