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With a growing number of people using the internet to search for almost anything, marketing has become essential for all businesses, including law firms. As competition increases, whichever firm has successfully presented themselves online will likely garner the most business.
Be Found 
When someone is looking for an attorney, it’s typically because they have an urgent need. These days, people take to the internet, at all times of day, to seek assistance. From their fingertips they can search firms, read reviews, check social networks and get a feel for your business. It’s important your firm has a consistent and cohesive online presence. A well-designed, informative, user friendly website is a must. Your website should showcase your team, your areas of law and include testimonials and reviews from clients. Your brand should be recognizable from your website to your social media and even flow into your marketing materials. An effective digital marketing strategy will help leave the consumer with an unforgettable first impression and a solid feel for your brand and its values.
Capture the Lead
Once that potential client finds you, the next step they will take is a phone call or email. How your respond to this initial communication will set the tone for what’s to come. When this person reaches out, they want to feel heard and comforted, so they know they are important and are in good hands. Make it a priority to train your team on how to handle a new lead. Once a client hangs up the phone you have either won or lost their business, so training is imperative in your new business success.
Always Plan Ahead
To lay down the foundation for the year, using a marketing content and events calendar is a perfect way to plan ahead. Keeping up with blog posts, social media use, testimonials, and news will keep your law firm one step ahead of others. These platforms help establish your firm as an authority and keep your business top of mind to potential clients. They might not be in need of your firm’s services now, but should the need arise, you are already building a foundation of trust through how you are perceived on social media and your website.
Attorney marketing is an important tool to attract the attention of individuals in need of your service. Both online and offline efforts will create meaningful connections between you and your clients and contribute to your firms’ success. With the new year just a few short weeks away, now is the time to put your strategy in place and set your firm up for success.

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