Lithium Battery Product Liability Cases

This month Samsung announced a recall of every Galaxy Note 7 it has produced to date. This recall includes 2.5 million phones. The recalled phone has a battery issue causing it to suddenly combust into flames. Now many of us have begun to see the lawsuits filed against Samsung for injuries due to this recall.

With technology constantly evolving so does the lithium battery. It is used in many products we and the public use on a daily basis. And the Galaxy Note 7 is not the only product with a lithium battery issue.

Our office is currently working on two different product liability cases similar to the Galaxy Note 7. One involves a fire from a battery used in a weed trimmer, which resulted in the death of our client. The other involves a fire from a battery used in an e-cigarette, which exploded in the pocket of a client causing serious, life-altering injury to his groin and leg area.

Lithium batteries are a luxury for us to have in the devices we use, however they can also cause serious harm and death. If your office has a product liability case with a lithium battery and are looking to partner with a firm experienced in these matters, contact us today. We are happy to partner on a case where we feel we can add value, especially if we can help an injured party and work towards ensuring these fires do not harm anyone again in the future.

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