“Kaboom” Went The Laptop!

Lithium batteries have gotten a bad rap over the last several years with modern day technology such as hover boards and cellphones catching on fire due to overheated batteries. Unfortunately, that reputation doesn’t seem to be improving based on a recent account of the battery fires now extending to laptops.
Although Dell found the battery involved in the recent laptop fire to not be an authentic Dell battery based on their own thorough investigation, the chilling video of the laptop catching fire captured by a home surveillance camera, does continue to raise eyebrows on the issue. Many wonder, and are exploring, if there are comparable alternatives to the lithium battery but so far have failed to bring any suitable options to market that are not completely uneconomical. Until one is found, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s advice regarding their use, such as only to use genuine certified batteries for your devices, don’t charge devices on fabric surfaces, etc. and be wary of 3rd party replacements.
As all the videos of battery fires would suggest, the lithium lifestyle can be somewhat dangerous if not handled with the appropriate care. Our firm has worked on several cases involving injuries and deaths directly linked to lithium battery issues. If your office has a product liability case where lithium batteries are to blame and are looking to partner with a firm that has experience with such cases, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to partner on a case where we feel we can add value, especially if we can help an injured party and work towards ensuring these fires do not harm anyone again in the future.


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