How to Keep Your Email Signature Consistent

Branding your firm is important. Many times, your branding it the first impression your clients will have of your firm. We usually think of branding to encompass our website, social media, print materials, office décor,etc.But, have you thought about your email signature?

Think about how many different emails your clients will receive from your team throughout the duration of their case. What sort of message are you sending if your team all has a different email signature? Consistency with branding is always key.It helps to build rapport and establish a reliable and unified front for your firm.

We had this issue in our office. Regardless of how many requests we sent our staff, everyone seemed to always have something different on their email signatures. From changes in the font of their names, to different font colors, missing disclaimer text -you name it we saw it.

We were looking for a way to solve this and had several of our colleagues recommend Exclaimer. After a trial period, and talking with their sales team, this company met all of our needs.

Our Operations Manager can now manage everyone’s email signature, use the program to set up new employees, and the system allows the same email signature to be used on mobile devices as well.

If you’re looking for a solution to streamline your firm’s email signatures at a reasonable cost, perhaps Exclaimer can help you as well. We’ve only had it for a week, but it’s certainly solved our email signature issues and helped us keep our branding unified.

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