ATAA Teams UP With Trucking School

Michael Cowen Takes the Wheel with a Hands-On Approach to Better Understanding Trucking and Truck Drivers

ATAAhas teamed up with a trucking school to offer ATAA (Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys) members a unique trucking program. This program in Montana includes classroom work with instructors experienced in trucking litigation, accident causation, vehicle maintenance and proper vehicle operation combined with real hands-on experience behind the wheel of a big-rig.

You may have seen a video on our law firm social media recently, of Michael Cowen taking this course and his experience with the program. As an ATAA member, Cowen took advantage of this course and returned to the office with a deeper understanding of 18-wheelers.

“It’s been a great experience. The people have been great, it’s amazing how much I’ve learned, and frankly it’s going to be a lot harder for a truck driver to pull something over me on one of our cases now,” Cowen added.

After having a great experience, and seeing first-hand how this will help him in his trucking cases, Cowen has encouraged every attorney in his office to participate.

If you are an ATAA member and would like to attend the next ATAA Truck Driving Program in July, please contact ATAA Executive Director, Lori Tepper at

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