Amazon Next-Day Delivery Dangers

Amazon is the biggest retailer on the planet with customers in 180 countries. It has disrupted numerous industries and dominated the e-commerce market. But it’s a recent news article after a yearlong investigation, that has shed light on how their next-day delivery has created unsafe conditions on the road and how Amazon is able to walk away from any liability.

Amazon’s next-day delivery has not only encouraged, but catapulted, the wants and needs of individuals who expect instant gratification. You’re out of your favorite cookies, you forgot to buy a birthday gift, your office needs more legal notepads, the list goes on and on. In each instance Amazon lets you simply click a “buy now” button then select “next-day delivery” and 24 hours later your item is on your doorstep and a photo of the package at your door is uploaded to your Amazon app on your phone. It’s magic! Unfortunately, the aftermath of this leads to unsafe roads, reckless drivers in commercial vehicles, and an unknowing public assisting with the growing problem.

With such a large amount of business, nearly half of it requiring “next-day delivery,” Amazon contracts hundreds of companies across the United States to help them deliver their items. And when wrongful death lawsuits arise because these overworked drivers are demanded to complete all of their deliveries on a strict deadline, Amazon has their attorneys state the damages were caused “in whole or in part, by third parties not under the direction or control of” It is this business model that allows one of the largest companies in the world to claim no responsibility when they create dangerous road conditions, which lead to catastrophic injuries and death. Each contract between Amazon and their “delivery service partners” includes a hold harmless clause stating Amazon is not responsible for the actions of the contracted drivers and this includes “all loss or damage to personal property or bodily harm including death.”

FedEx has severed their ties with Amazon in August, creating a delivery void. And Walmart has teased 1-day free shipping without a membership fee. Amazon has not only created a next-day delivery craze, other companies may soon be following suit, making our roads that much more dangerous.

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