“Alexa, find a personal injury attorney near me.”

Voice search is no longer just for hearing the weather forecast or playing music. Voice search is continuing to grow; Pew Research Center reports 46% of Americans use digital voice assistants. Furthermore, comScore predicts by 2020 that 50% of searches will be done by voice.

Initially, you may not think potential clients will use voice search to find an attorney, but the legal industry is already buzzing on how this trend will affect legal marketing. To evolve with the shifting trends, law firms will need to adjust their marketing strategies to include tactics for digital voice devices.

Typing vs Talking

When people type to search, it’s often just a few key words or phrases. When someone speaks to search, they ask a question as if they are talking to another person. It’s important that the content on your website is curated to the way someone may speak. Having a FAQ page is a great way to address this, listing common questions your target audience may ask in their search. Remember to keep your content informative and conversational in tone.

Local Marketing is Essential

When people are asking their voice assistants for something, it’s likely they want an immediate fix that is nearby. Think about the last time you used a voice assistant, you may have mentioned the city or said “near me” at the end of your question. Utilizing local SEO tactics is imperative to reaching your local market. Make sure your address is present on your website on multiple pages and ensure your listings on local directories is accurate. Also, it’s important to encourage clients to rate your services on these directory listings too, they will help you rank higher.

When it comes to voice search, responses from a digital assistant are often singular, making competition high and SEO ever more important. While we’re not sure how voice search will affect the legal industry in the near future, it’s important we all take steps to be on the forefront of this trend.

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